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Kruger Adventure!

The Kruger National Park has opened its gate again after a worldwide COVID pandemic, it has been a long awaiting searching the spirit of the Kruger again! We planned a full day out rising early morning with our day trip that starts from the Orpen gate. Let the day’s adventure begin.

The sky changing its beautiful colors, seeing an amazing sun rise with a magnifying view of the Kruger.

The Greater Kruger Nature Park a country known as one of the best safari destinations due to its abundance of wildlife but there are so much more to discover.

Within a short time frame we spotted large herds of Impala’s, a game of Zebra’s playing around, Waterbucks resting in the winter sun, Hyena passing the road with a steadily gallop and quickly disappearing amongst the long grasses, observing the Hornbill, Kingfisher and plenty more and a Crocodile, these reptiles are masters at hiding even in shallow water, however they can often be seen basking in the sun on the river side.

The routes were quite adventures with many animals crossing the paths. It did not take us long to find a group of elephants close to the waters. The Kruger is famous for its large amounts of Elephants, and the river front is where they like to be, they can happily feed on grasses. It's also a perfect sparring game for young elephants who play-fight against each other. Two little once were really having a go at it.

Another animal that appreciate the same habitat is the Buffalo which tend to congregate in large numbers. Standing steadfast on one of our routes forming a roadblock, we managed to pass through peacefully.

A little later our day got even better when we came upon two female lions who finished their kill a while earlier as wet blood was still visible on their fur and our photographs are proof of our unique experience.

What an amazing day. The sun is slowly setting, and it was time to head back and call it a day.