• Wild Dog Inn Zebra


Posted by Vicky and Henro in 2020 BLOG.

Well Hello There!

Henro & Vicky as the new Owners of Wild Dog Inn wants to welcome you to our bush paradise! 

As This is our first newsletter of the season and so much has happened, we don’t know where to start! We’ve been busy, enjoying our new setup of Wild Dog Inn and seeing wonderful sights all around us.

March brought some unique sightings to us which we would love to share with you.

Every month gifts us plentiful sightings, and March has been no exception to this rule. With incredible wildlife moments that have left us all in awe on the corner of paradise that we call home.

We are looking forward to meeting our guests and giving them a wonderful relaxing stay with us.

Raising early to go out for a morning walk in the Wild Life Estate we came across the less celebrated, but most astounding animal the Zebra. This is really one of my most favorite animals, I could sit for hours watching these amazingly beautiful creatures just roaming around. Always grazing in the open grass fields I manage to take some brilliant pictures. Their stripes are like fingerprints. It almost felt like I could touch them through my camera lens. At 41° heat they all just bundle together under the trees looking for some shade. With their long paused moments we spend a good amount of time with them and I manage to get some shots.

Zebras are the smallest kind of horse, no two are exactly the same but they can identify each other by their stripes. Dazzle camouflage - those stripes are a form of camouflage overwhelming the predator’s visual system and making it hard to track the zebra’s movement. Think about the experience of watching a herd of zebras all dashing in different directions, and imagine trying to pick out one of them to bring down.